Cambodia Visa


Discover How To Obtain A Cambodia Visa For Indian Citizens

Cambodia Visa

Indian citizens can obtain a Cambodia visa on arrival or apply for an e-visa online. The process for both options is straightforward and requires a valid passport and necessary documents.

Planning to visit Cambodia as an Indian citizen? You can obtain a visa on arrival at one of the major airports or land border crossings, or apply for an e-visa online. A visa on arrival can be obtained by presenting a valid passport, recent passport-size photo, and the visa fee in cash.

However, an e-visa can be applied for online, and the application process takes around three days for approval. The e-visa can then be printed and presented at the immigration checkpoint on arrival. Whether it’s a visa on arrival or e-visa, a Cambodian visa is required for Indian nationals to enter Cambodia for business or leisure purposes.

Cambodia Visa

CAMBODIA VISA FOR INDIAN CITIZENS intending to visit Cambodia require a visa. It is advisable to obtain an e-visa before traveling. The process is simple, and the visa is valid for three months.

Cambodia Visa for Indian Citizens: Requirements
PassportMust have at least six months of validity from the date of entry into Cambodia.
Visa Application FormAvailable online or at the Embassy of Cambodia in New Delhi.
Passport PhotoA passport-sized photo with a white background and no glasses.
Flight ItineraryProof of onward or return travel from Cambodia is required.
Hotel ReservationProof of confirmed accommodation in Cambodia is required.
Health CertificateNot required, but recommended to have an updated vaccination record.

To obtain a Cambodia visa, Indian citizens must meet certain requirements. Indian passport holders must have at least six months of validity on their passports. They must complete the visa application form, which is available online or at the Embassy of Cambodia in New Delhi. A passport-sized photo with a white background and no glasses is also required. Indian citizens must provide proof of onward or return travel from Cambodia, such as a flight itinerary, as well as proof of confirmed accommodation in Cambodia. While not required, it is recommended to have an updated vaccination record. Ensure that all requirements are met before applying for your Cambodia visa.

Types Of Cambodia Visa

Indian citizens planning to visit Cambodia need to apply for a Cambodia Visa For Indian Citizens. The types of visa available include tourist, business and electronic visas, each with their own specific requirements. It’s important to check the validity and eligibility criteria before applying.

Types of Cambodia Visa
Tourist Visa
Business Visa

Cambodia is a popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia which offers beautiful historical sites, temples, and breathtaking beaches. Indian citizens must have a valid visa to enter Cambodia. The two types of CAMBODIA VISA FOR IRISH CITIZENS are Tourist Visa and Business Visa. Tourist visa is issued to those who wish to visit Cambodia for tourism purposes. This type of visa is valid for 30 days, and it can be extended for another month. Business Visa is issued to those who want to visit Cambodia for business purposes. This type of visa can be obtained for up to 12 months and allows multiple entries and exits. Ensure that you apply for the right type of visa, depending on your purpose of visit and the length of stay.

How To Apply

Indian citizens can apply for a Cambodia visa online or upon arrival at the airport. The online application requires submitting personal and travel information, as well as a scanned copy of your passport. Upon arrival, you will need to provide proof of onward travel, a passport-sized photo, and the visa fee.

Applying for a Cambodia visa can be done online or upon arrival at the airport. For the online application procedure, visit the official e-Visa website and fill out the application form with your personal information, passport details, and travel plans. After submitting the form, it may take up to three business days to receive your visa confirmation via email.

If you prefer to obtain a visa on arrival, make sure to bring two passport-sized photos and pay the visa fee in USD cash. The visa on arrival process usually takes around 20-30 minutes, but can sometimes take longer during peak travel periods.

It is important to note that Indian citizens are required to have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of arrival in Cambodia. Additionally, make sure to have a return ticket and enough funds to cover your stay in Cambodia.


To wrap it up, obtaining a Cambodia visa for Indian citizens is a straightforward process. The visa can be obtained through an e-visa application or on arrival. However, it is important to ensure that all required documents are in order to avoid any unnecessary delays or inconveniences.

With all the necessary information at your fingertips, obtaining a visa for a visit to Cambodia should be a smooth and stress-free process.

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